DownUnder’s Hot Sake

ALAA registration number 15344

Sake is a rare Phantom stud out of Rutland’s Bella Mia. He is a large mini and he carries chocolates, blacks, creams and phantoms.

DownUnder’s Hunter

ALAA registration number 035547

Hunter is a full-sized medium cream with a wonderful, curly fleece coat. He will produce some excellent litters of creams and apricots.

Hope Farm’s Oliver

ALAA registration number 61704

We consider Oliver a large/mini or small medium labradoodle. He is a proven producer and carries the parti-gene. He has a gentle temperament with a relaxed fleece coat.

Good Day’s Last Tango in Paris

ALAA registration number 65596

Tango is a parti-colored labradoodle. His coat is fleece and is medium in size.  He is a proven producer, welcoming his first litter in April 2020.


DownUnder Labradoodles USA offers stud service to qualified breeders. We provide live breedings at our facility in Raleigh, North Carolina. As an alternative, we provide shipment of freshly chilled collections to your location for use in AI. Please contact us for additional information and copies of our stud contract.