We are extraordinary breeders of multi-generational Labradoodles  of the finest lines.

Jane Gladfelter adopted her first Labradoodle, Hannah, in February 2002 from Rutland Manor Breeding and Research Facility in Australia, where the breed began. She fell in love instantly and, less than a year later, decided to share the joy Hannah brought her by starting her own breeding program. With assistance and encouragement from Australian breeders, Jane launched Australian Labradoodles U.S.A. in September 2002.
She welcomed her first litter, from Tegan Park’s Fame N Fortune, on Oct. 16, 2002. Since then, the company became DownUnder Labradoodles USA and is operated by business partner Butch Charlton. We have developed a healthy, diverse stable of breeding stock and matched puppies for nearly 20 years with numerous loving families.
All of our breeding Labradoodles are raised and nurtured as pets in loving homes. Some of the breeders live with us; others are paired with carefully selected guardian families, who give our dogs all the care, nutrition, grooming and guidance necessary to raise a healthy and happy breeding Labradoodle.

It’s amazing what a difference the right puppy makes!

Our puppies receive top-quality health care, including a very thorough veterinarian examination, age-appropriate immunization and de-wormings every two weeks. The puppies receive plenty of human socialization with adults and become members of our family until they’re ready to meet their new families.
All of our puppies are temperament-tested at six weeks of age. At eight weeks, they’re spayed or neutered by a skilled veterinarian trained in early desexing.
When a new family comes to pick up their Labradoodle puppy, or when the pup is sent to his or her new family, we provide a multi-generational Pedigree and a two-year health guarantee that covers any hereditary condition considered severe or life-threatening. Puppies also come with a complete health record, documentation of desexing, a packet of ‘puppy tips’ and diet information.
We also supply a package of food to assist with puppy’s transition to his or her new home. Families also receive a personal commitment from Butch, who still serves with ALAA, to provide advice and assistance for the life of your puppy.

The bottom line: We want to help your family find the healthiest, friendliest companion imaginable.