Australian Labradoodles USA provides breeding stock to qualified breeders If you are interested in a breeder from one of our lines, please contact us for more information.

DownUnder’s Hope

Hope, a stunning chocolate phantom girl who came to us from our DownUnder’s Rio, she has produced chocolates, blacks and apricot-creams and phantoms.¬† She will¬†have her next litter the end of May, 2016.

ALAA registration number 35578

DownUnder’s Jade

Jade is an absolutely gorgeous standard-sized multi-generation Australian Labradoodle. She is a bit over two years old and will had her current litter in March. Darby has one of the nicest fleece coats we have ever seen!

ALAA registration number 35560

DownUnder’s Macie

Macie is one of our rare apricot cream girls. She is about 1 1/2 years old and hopefully will have her first litter in July. She is a true miniature multi-generational Australian Labradoodle.

ALAA registration number 42840

DownUnder’s Rio

Rio, another one of our phantom Labradoodles, comes from our girl Kassie and our stud Sake. She is a small medium multi-generation Australian Labradoodle and carries apricot, cream, chocolates, phantoms and black puppies.

ALAA registration number 28792 !

DownUnder’s Paisley

Paisley comes to us from Aussie Labradoodles in Ohio. She is a fantastic red, standard multi-generation Australian Labradoodle. Paisley is almost one year old and most likely will have her first litter this winter.

ALAA registration number 21757 RETIRED